Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy anniversary Amy and Dinesh

i would like to send this to you for your anniversary but only if you would like it. Do you remember I did this while you guys were out?? and in the confusion about Grammie and the funeral, I just shut down and when we got back from the funeral it was even more shut down period. I would like to make cards (notecards) of the various places I have traveled to and painted in and this was one of those places that were so special but the original belongs to you guys. Love you lots. We went to Stefany's wedding saw everyone, janet and Mike stayed with us and everyone says to say Hi. Sean and Yvonne stayed with andrew and kim. miss you guys
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whose Day was This

What a wonderful time we had with Olivia on Chelsea's wedding day. First the salt water pool and then just after her nap and before we left for the wedding, Olivia knocks on everyone's door on the third floor to make sure they are getting ready for Chelsea's big day.
It looks like she had already had a big day and night. Nice to be with you Olivia!!

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